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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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thing to w do our best, be our best and have nice things. >> greta: make sure you go to there is so much happening. if you haven't been there, you ought to go. good night from washington. unloading on fox business and only fox business tonight at 8:00. see you then. i am eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. as you read in the paper, it is "the five"! so last week we told you about the brutal beating of a 13-year-old white kid by three african-american teens on a school bus in florida. on "the five," we have been calling for civil rights leaders and the president to speak publicly about the issue. still haven't heard a word from al sharpton, president obama, eric holder, or the naacp, but over the weekend, rev. jesse jackson stepped up to the plate and said this. >> we tried to make contact of the family of the kids because
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we should discourage people attacking people, whether black, white, white, black, people should stop attacking people. you must learn to live together respectfully in a civilized way, and if it comes black white white black, it makes matters worse, it does not make it better. >> took awhile, but give credit where credit is due. ref recommended jesse jackson steppedd made a comment. >> he was in africa and had been away. he said black white, white black, he went to the core of the thing and said doesn't matter what color you are, you have to stop attacking each other, which is not a bad thing to say. that's the jesse jackson i remember. i have seen the good jackson, the bad jackson over the years, seen him many times, talked to him many times. this is where he's good at doing things like this. glad to see he did it. >> any surprise we haven't heard from the others? >> no, and where is al sharpton,
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he has a prominent position in wake of the trayvon martin case and with his position in television and cable news. this is a time for him to show unbiased leadership and make a comment and discuss this, showing he is interested in moving forward in a nonsensational, accurate way. >> the reason al sharpton hasn't come out, he is waiting for it to be a hoax, then he will come out and defend it. he only attaches himself to lies. one of the things we have to be careful for, the tit for tat. one side finds a hate crime and the other does the same. it raises a question that bullying is only a big deal if it is the majority over the minority. they will always use the powerful versus powerless argument. blacks have been persecuted for centuries, but that to me is illusion of help, for the powerless are attacking the powerless more than anybody else. it is black against black crime that's really the issue.
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constantly turning it into a race thing doesn't help anybody, especially when you always point to race as the origin of everything. it doesn't cause any real -- >> whites generally attack whites. >> exactly. >> if you look at it. good point. >> dana, we contacted reverend al sharpton, didn't respond. contacted department of justice, didn't respond. naacp, did not respond. cory booker, because bob mentioned cory booker earlier, didn't respond. white house did respond, sent us old talking points about bullying and school safety. >> again, it is bullying, though, see the point, they changed it. >> i think the white house was right to do that. i would have done the same in that position, but they are vulnerable in that when president obama decides to comment on one local case, then he creates a fire storm. he has talked about bullying before and in new jersey, didn't they pass, isn't there a big no bullying law in new jersey? i saw something earlier, do you
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remember the bus aide, the elderly woman, shouldn't say elderly, she was 65, she was the school bus aide and being ripped apart by the kids. that was on every network television show. we talked about it for days. so there's something to the powerful being the young, and you said something that made me think abt this weekend actually, very thought provoking, about older people being scared of the younger generation. and how powerful that becomes and when we ask why aren't the adults in the room, why aren't they doing something, why didn't the bus driver do something, but this is actually a drug crime in my opinion. it is purported the kid beaten up, they tried to sell him drugs, he tells the administrators, didn't do anything to prevent it, maybe they didn't think it would happen, i don't think anybody wants it to happen, but drugs is at the heart of this. >> on facebook, he said who leaked the information provided
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in confidence by the victim about the black teens selling drugs, who allowed the same individuals to board the bus, which was not theirs. somewhere in all this is a breakdown of school administrative responsibilities to protect this young man. good point, right? >> i think so. he hits it on the head. there was a breakdown there that resulted in a child getting brutally beaten, it was unnecessary and they should have taken steps to make sure he was safe. they have an obligation to do so. >> first of all, you know, i had a situation like this, a personal situation where a niece in my family had not gone to high school for like -- got a notice, 60 days. turns out she was going there, checking out, going out, doing drugs. i am talking to head of security, i said look, i drove up the driveway, the guy is selling drugs there. he said nobody is selling drugs. i said they're selling drugs. he said no they're not. i said come with me. 90 degrees, they have long coats on. that might tell you something,
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right? and i said watch here a second. you stay at this corner, i'll go to the next corner. went to the next corner, got some dope. that guy said that's amazing right here on the school property. these guys are clueless. >> and you turned it back in. >> of course i did. >> after a three day binge. i am kidding. >> that was then. >> how did they get back on the bus? >> i don't know. just heard about that. the thing that bugs me, no offense to bob, i am going to bring up the left, seems like the left in these situations can play the race card on either side. so if they were white/hispanic shoots black teen, that is racist. if a group of blacks savagely beat a white kid, that's also racist because it is probably rooted in poverty which is the fault of whites. so in a way, white liberals are worse for any community than heroin because they continue, they do, they continue the lie that you can't expect good
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behavior, which is in itself racist. the white left believes that blacks can't be expected good behavior, that to me is more bigoted than anything, right? >> speaking of the white left, can we take a listen. this is going to blow your mind, folks. listen to harry reid. that's the set up. >> it has been obvious that they're doing everything they can to make him fail, and i hope, i hope that it's -- and i say this seriously, i hope that that's based on substance, not the fact that he's african-american. >> he hopes. no, he wants that to be the case. >> wow. >> he wants that to be the case. >> bob -- >> talking overall about. >> the gop. >> the republicans and obama. >> first of all, one of the things we have to separate out here is you can attack the left all you want, i can attack the right about their brand of how they deal with race relations. the idea of democrats blaming
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republicans and calling them racist, we are beyond that. there may be a few -- >> what's that? >> we should be. that's my point. that's the senate majority leader! >> we have to be careful, because of trayvon martin we are ripping up debates about black and whites. we had that debate going on 20 years, it was a very difficult debate. now it is getting nuanced. you don't need to take sensational cases and blow them into a major black white issue. >> in 2008, democrat majority leader democrat harry reid apologized for saying of president obama who he described as light skinned african-american with quote, no negro dialect unless he wanted to have on that man, kimberly, is still majority leader. >> that's why they don't let him on the sunday talk shows. he is like a ticking time bomb. how is he the majority leader with this kind of behavior? >> i think in some ways i find it more troubling than that.
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i think he really believes that. and i know a lot of people on the democratic side, i remember going into the 2012 elections who said they don't want him to succeed because he is black, talking about the president. i thought actually i think, for example, obama care is a bad policy, and if i can argue on the merits and call it bad policy and they can call me a racist, we can't have a discussion. >> the problem is if it is hillary clinton, 2016, we all don't -- >> harry reid is a high profile democrat. let's not start picking out fringe -- >> he is the majority leader. >> which is why everybody ought to shut up and decide what the parameters of the debate are and who ought to be at the table. >> the republicans aren't reacting to race, president obama's race but to harry reid's
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stupidity. some people in their early 20s and under would probably look at this show and go what are they talking about? this is not even part of my life. they're so far beyond this crap. the issues of violence are real, but the issues of race to these kids are like who are these people? we don't talk about it. i'm sure your son does not talk about race. >> honestly, the color gap is gone. it is absolutely gone. go to full screen. here is a classy response to harry reid's ridiculous comment from tim scott, the only black member of the senate. our country deserves more from those in washington, i hope senator reid will realize the offensive nature of his remarks and to those who disagree with the president's policies because of one thing, they are hurting hard working american families. nice response. >> i think tim scott has such a nice demeanor, and the same about senator reid, when he says
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something that's outrageous, look, there's plenty of things you can pick from, everyone goes oh, that's harry reid and it is fine, because that's just him and he is kind of like out there. pointing out the hypocrisy. if a republican did the same, there would be indignation. >> there would be outrage, yeah, step down. >> a lot of the left you refer to, most left, middle aged left and went through the civil rights movement, their concept of race goes back to the civil rights movement. the fact is we have moved on from a burn in mississippi. people are not being hung in mississippi any more. there's racism there, no doubt. there's racism in boston. when you went through those periods, i went through them in boston, i was amazed how much the white community were really outraged in boston. but let's keep in mind the tenor of the times you're born in.
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these kids today are not born at a time when there's racial tension. >> still, the leader of the senate. >> i understand that. >> president obama noted in his remarks when he made in the white house press briefing room at the end of the trayvon martin trial, or the george zimmerman trial, about the killing of trayvon martin, he said his daughters, sasha and malia don't talk this way. we learn from previous experiences. what i think is concerning is how exacerbated the administration makes these. partly because we pay attention to what they say, we're looking for any signal, we want the president to bring us together and it actually hasn't happened. maybe that's the fault of those who would oppose him on his policies. somehow i don't -- i actually can't get myself to that point, i don't think that's true. >> i'm sorry, just -- go ahead.
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>> i was thinking i kept thinking how hilarious it would be if there were black teenagers saying it is a racist country while living in the white house with your dad as president, it is a pretty great time. >> but barack obama is forced into commenting on these isolated incidences like this. i am not sure this is something we should expect him -- >> no, no, no, no, no. he is the president. he chose to comment on trayvon martin, said if i have a son, it would look like trayvon. he is the one that did that. >> he doesn't comment on benghazi. he makes a decision. >> if you're african-american or you're half, whatever you want to say in the white house, your inclination to speak out about a kid who is black i think is probably stronger than a kid that's white. is that right? probably not, but that's the way his mind set us, and that's the way mine is. i come out of the civil rights movement. i think there's rampant racism
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in america. i overstate it maybe. >> if it is, it is dying off, literally. >> you're exhausting me. >> don't breathe new life into it. that's why the president has to be responsible. what he says matters. some people listen. >> we have to go. should certain drug offenders get lighter sentences? obama administration thinks so, eric holder is making a move for more leniency. we will tell you about this. special programming note. willie robertson, starve the hot show "duck dynasty" joining us here at this table tomorrow. don't miss that. ♪ the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime.
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san francisco earlier today. >> we need to ensure incarceration is used to punish, deter, and rehabilitate, but not merely to warehouse and forget. this is why i have today mandated a modification of the justice department charging policies so that certain low level, nonviolate drug offenders with no ties to gangs or cartels will no longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. >> okay. we could talk about this for the whole hour, only have one block. i am going to make it quick as possible. so let me start with eric because people might be surprised that you and the attorney general agree about this. >> we do. i love the idea of letting -- taking it out of the fed, don't make it a federal issue, bring it to the states, let the judges at the state level make the decisions. i don't like the mandatory -- think what would happen if bill clinton, george bush or barack obama were caught any of these
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times under this scenario. we would have three different presidents, 42, 43, 44 would be different. mandatory sentencing, they wouldn't be able to do it. i like the idea. i am still against legalizing the drugs, i think it should be held at the state level. >> well, i was going to ask kimberly, how does that work. what eric holder asks is that the u.s. attorneys take a look at their local area and come back to him with a plan for how you could take a minimum sentencing, maximum sentencing, i'm sorry, or minimum i guess it is minimum, and change it to meet your local needs. how does that work if drugs are illegal federally? >> he is circumventing the federal authority, i don't think that's legal, but that never stopped him before, this is eric holder. he is now the drug czar afternoon sentencing czar. do i believe this is an area that needs improvement? yes, i have seen there's not enough discretion when you have federal guidelines and you're
11:21 pm
seeing people low level wrapped in something and go away for life, there's disparity. should there be uniformity? yes. but he is going about it in the wrong way. if the law is on the books, you have to follow the law. you can't selectively use that, using this as a test case because it is politically popular. >> every law that passes congress has to be regulated and interpreted by the executive. this happens all the time. i think he is exactly right. what we're doing is taking low level drug guys, turning them into high level drug guys. they get out of prison, only thing they have to do then is deal drugs. it is the most ridiculous, absurd idea. you know who is leaving the idea? judges that don't want this to happen. they want the leeway to do what's right. three strikes and you're out goes to ronald reagan. >> that was for violent crimes. >> wait, wasn't that clinton? >> greg, you might have a
11:22 pm
different opinion. >> i am for decriminalization of drugs, not decriminalization of criminals. that's the issue i have with this, even though i am halfway in the camp. it is too vague. i don't know what a low level user is. i don't know if low level is user or dealer, half a crip? and everybody expects to see will ford brim lee when we have to remember charles manson is 70. having said that. this is an encouraging thing. when you look at the real problems in communities today, it has a lot to do with delinquency and family structures. if this returns fathers who let's say are not hardened criminals into their families and helps create family structure that was missing before because one was in jail, if this actually leads to that, yay. but i don't know. i am suspect of eric holder. so many things he does, he is never addressing the overall american good but the things
11:23 pm
that are on the edges. never focuses on the law abiding citizen, the concern is always on the other side. however, i am saying i hope he is right. >> i'm sorry to interrupt, greg. what it allows you to do, let's governors decide to what extent to punish what levels. chris christie in jersey said we're going to work with lower months on certain drugs like pot, give kids or people treatment rather than going to jail. >> let me tell you, the cost of incarcerating a prisoner in jail is very high. it is costing society a lot of money. i have a situation -- >> costs us money when they get out, by the way. >> one of the arguments is while we spend so much money, try to lower in conservatives to say support, help us and support this because it will save a bunch of money in the judicial system and taxpayers save money, but who thinks one of the
11:24 pm
elderly people in prison for mandatory minimum sentence that they're going to get out and not be on public assistance? they will need housing, medical care, food stamps. probably at the end of the day a wash. >> they can make it cheaper. >> remove the mandatory minimums, all the people who are in jail, not elderly, are they not going to let them -- >> no, there are all these different criteria. >> it is very confusing. you have 98 different districts. who is to say as a drug dealer you're not going to form shop, figure where is the best place to deal drugs. >> you would. people go there, sanctuary cities, the same thing, you flock, water takes the path of least resistance, hook me up, san francisco here i come. >> i sponsored a kid that's 21 years old in aa and na. he went to suffolk county, sold five grams, picked up, thrown
11:25 pm
away, want to put a felony, six months on him, he was going to queens college, never had a record. judge should have discretion to let the kid go. prosecutor said no discretion, i think it is obscene. >> that's a state case, not federal. >> okay. directly ahead, is the united states overreacting to the al qaeda terror threat? ted koppel thinks so. hear his explanation when you come back. ♪
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all right. we're going straight to this hannah anderson with her father. let's do it. >> i want to thank all that spread the word and shared on social media across the country. because of this, it reached across and beyond the u.s.
11:30 pm
have no doubt this did make a difference. though relentless, i would like to thank you, the media. all your coverage keeping the issue alive helped bringing my daughter home. as a country, there are many missing children, and though some of them, sorry, some of you might find the amber alert annoying, please pay attention, keep your eyes open, let's bring those children home. no one should have to go through this. now it is time for us to grieve and move on to the healing process. i respectfully ask of you to give me, all of our family, and our friends, the respect and time to allow this to happen. as for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. she has been through a tremendous, horrific ordeal. i am very proud of her and i love her very much. she is surrounded by the love of her family, friends, and
11:31 pm
community. again, please, as a family, give us our time to heal and grieve. thank you. >> i'm sheriff bill gore. i want to thank you for being here, and my thanks for your outstanding coverage of this terrible abduction and crime. it is clear had it not been for the media coverage, the hikers up in idaho would have never known the two people they saw along the trail were hannah and dimaggio. i want to emphasize during the law enforcement interviews with hannah, it became very clear to us, very clear, that she is a victim in every sense of the word in this horrific crime. from the time of her abduction on boulevard to her recovery in idaho by the fbi hostage rescue
11:32 pm
team, she was under extreme, extreme duress. it was also during the interview with hannah after her recovery in idaho she was first told about the deaths of her mother and her little brother. also during the interview with hannah she revealed dimaggio had a rifle and he fired at least one round prior to being shot and killed by the fbi hostage team riflemen. this investigation continues. we'll be conducting more interviews. we'll be reviewing the crime scene results from the boulevard fires, from the car recovered in idaho and the campsite at lake moorehead. we are continuing this investigation to answer all the possible questions that result from this type of horrific, horrific crime. our primary concern, however, is
11:33 pm
for the well-being of hannah anderson and her family. as brett said, they have experienced a horrific ordeal and loss. they need time to heal and grieve. thank you very much. i turn it to the assistant special agent in charge rob howell from the fbi who will make a few brief comments and answer a few questions, as many as we can before ending. go ahead. >> thank you, sheriff. on behalf of the fbi family, let me just say that we offer our condolences and deepest sympathy to the anderson family for the tragedy they endured and suffered this week. we echo mr. anderson's statements that they need the time to grieve and to get back to a somewhat normal life-style without most of the interruptions that we're now presenting to them. i would also like to say that the fbi very much appreciates
11:34 pm
the law enforcement partnerships that we have through the country, not just here in san diego, but the partnerships that we enjoy here with the san diego sheriff's department that allow us to bring our resources to bear whenever state, local and regional resources aren't enough. we're very proud of the relationship that we have here. we're very happy that we're able to bring this to the ending we did. thank you. >> let me just add that the fbi's normal procedure is conducting a shooting investigation up in idaho, and so there won't be any real details coming out of exactly what happened in the confrontation and i'm sure when their investigation is
11:35 pm
taskforce specifically in san diego county that left no stone unturned in trying to find demaggio and hannah and bring them back. >> what went on during hannah's captivity. >> we are not going to talk about that for her privacy and need to heal and get through the tragedy. >> can you tell us how she's doing today and where she is? >> she's back in san diego with family members and she's doing as well as can be expected after the terrible ordeal she has been through. [ inaudible ] >> i am not going to discuss motive or any of the specifics. we're still -- the investigation is still on-going, and we have
11:36 pm
people to interview, crime scenes to examine, evidence to be reviewed that we recovered in the car in idaho and from the crime scene at lake moorehead. [ inaudible ] >> i am not going into details about that. no. she was -- i can't make it any clearer, she was a victim in this case, she was not a willing participant and she was under extreme duress from the time she left boulevard until recovered at lake moorehead, idaho. [ inaudible ] no. i mean, the report from the four hikers on horseback in idaho was the key event that took us in that area, led us to discovery of the vehicle, and then the subsequent discovery of them camping by lake moorehead. [ inaudible ] as reported by the two couples that saw them along the trail, they had backpacks, they had
11:37 pm
supplies they took in with them, although the people from idaho thought they were not really prepared for the wilderness they were in up there in idaho. [ inaudible ] >> you have to look at the size of the complex in boulevard. there are several buildings up there and she was unaware of what happened, that her mother and her brother had been killed. [ inaudible ] >> the fbi interviewer in forensic interviewer in idaho did the interview with her and explained to her and revealed to her about her mother and brother's death. i am not going to go into any details, she was under duress the whole time. [ inaudible ] >> the amber alert had not been
11:38 pm
put out in idaho until after the four campers up there came across them on the trail. subsequent to that, i think that would have been thursday, the amber alert was released in idaho. we had done it in california, oregon, washington, into british columbia, not into idaho. [ inaudible ] >> we're still in the process of putting all of that investigative material together. [ inaudible ] >> dimaggio was trying to booby trap the camp and -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't have results of the crime scene investigation in idaho. it is probably being done as we speak. i do know from the interview with hannah he had a rifle and fired at least one shot. beyond that, that will come out in the fbi shooting team
11:39 pm
investigation they're doing there. [ inaudible ] >> she was in close proximity to dimaggio when he was shot and killed. >> how close? >> i don't know. >> was a rifle fired at the time of the conversation with the fbi or -- >> one shot was fired, possibly a second, he was shot and killed shortly thereafter. as far as we know, dimaggio fired his weapon first. >> was it a direct hit? >> i don't know. i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> that was his cat. i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> we're not ready to release
11:40 pm
results of that. i don't have that information. sorry. [ inaudible ] >> we've had that reported to us, what she supposedly said under her breath as the four hikers drove off. i don't know and i'm not sure we know what she meant by that, if she was asked that specifically, i haven't heard those results. [ inaudible ] >> i am not discussing details of her abduction beyond the fact she was under extreme duress. [ inaudible ] >> do you think dimaggio was headed for canada? >> i don't know. >> you don't know where -- >> he was familiar with that area of the country, had been up there. in idaho. [ inaudible ] >> i didn't say it was planned. i think that will come out with more investigation.
11:41 pm
we don't think this was a spur of the moment thing. i am not prepared to go into details of why we believe that. it has been reported extensively in the media, she was not a stranger to his house. a lot of people would go over there. for her to go to that residence was not unusual and it was after she arrived there that some of the horrific crimes took place. [ inaudible ] >> a matter of hours from the time they thought they saw the tent from some aerial surveillance 'til fbi teams were inserted into the area and made their way towards the campsite. [ inaudible ] i'm sorry? [ inaudible ] >> no. >> what can you tell us about
11:42 pm
the murder scene? >> not prepared to talk about that yet. i'm sorry. >> do you know if the mother ever confronted the suspect at any point. >> can't tell you that. not that i am aware of. okay. [ inaudible ] >> a lot of investigation needs to be done. a lot of people to interview, comparing what we learn in interviews with results of crime scene investigations and searches of cars in the idaho area, we have a long way to go on this to determine exactly a time line, what happened and why it happened as best we can. but we might never know some of these answers, i think that's important to realize now. when you get a completely irrational act like we've seen here with two murders and a kidnapping, sometimes you're not going to be able to come up with
11:43 pm
a rational explanation of what happened. [ inaudible ] >> i think everybody is gratified that we got hannah alive. sad for the loss of christina and ethan. it is a tragedy. but as far as hannah being recovered, that was a good day for law enforcement all over the country. and i thank you again, the media, for all your help helping us locate her. last question. [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> i have no idea. >> any information about the father -- >> no. [ inaudible ] >> i think there will be ways,
11:44 pm
with any new technology there are always ways to improve it. i think it worked. one of the things i am aware of for my own alert i got on my iphone, the alert pops up, then after you read it, it is gone so you can't just go back in like you would a text message and look at it again to determine what the license number was if you would see the car. those are some of the things they're working onto make it retrievable in your iphone or smart phone. so if you think you see something, you can refresh your memory of what you saw. with that, thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. >> all right. the san diego sheriff's department concluding their joint press conference with the fbi special taskforce and a very happy ending to a harrowing situation, hannah anderson, 16 years of age, abducted august 4th, against her will, making a specific point that she was taken under duress, she was a victim, not a participant in the
11:45 pm
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so ted koppel was on "meet the press," the sunday show for people that eat kale to tell us we overreact to terror. >> terrorism is simply the weapon by which the weak engage the strong. what they do, they cause the strong, in this case us, to overreact. we are the ones that went into iraq, spent about a trillion and a half dollars doing it. we are the ones that created a bureaucracy, what is tsa? tsa has 57,000 people operating in tsa. >> fair point. i just wonder if he felt the same about the war on poverty which created its fair share of misery. and true, bin laden may have loved how much work we put into killing him, but what were we going to do, not find him? how benghazi of us. that's the point, i am tired of the media deciding what is a big deal and what isn't. after watergate, forgive me if i don't buy into the media definition of overreaction. benghazi was a coverup, i guess
11:50 pm
that's overreaction, too. overreaction, the word used to shut you up. we know terror attacks are rare. bigger chance to choke on koppel's eyebrow than being blown up. would you want to fly a plane not searched by tsa? the overreaction argument the bad guys love. so is terrorism is the weapon by which the weak fight the strong crap. sorry about the mismatch, ted. that we're so superior, create tyrants, cure diseases, all they do is throw acid in girls' faces. imagine if they had our power, which is why we should relish killing them. if the world was a house, they're roaches, and you have to spray. just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're gone, they're hiding, hopefully for ted not in his hair. does he have a point, eric, underneath it all, under all that hair, he has a point about overreaction? >> no, we have to overreact. you watch people, watch planes
11:51 pm
fly into buildings, you see loved ones die in buildings, you want the overreaction, want the excess caution. what point is he trying to make, we should not check people? don't check baggage at the airline? it is insanity. not sure why he did it. i literally don't get the point, other than it got him on "meet the press." >> bob, what do you think? >> i agree. i think we have gone way overboard. i go back to my hometown in washington, some of the great memorials in washington are surrounded by ugly jersey walls for no reason whatsoever. main door at library of congress never shut is now shut. the idea that protects you against terrorists is ridiculous. what these guys have done after 9/11, convinced us to starts a huge bureaucracy, overlapping bureaucracies of guys out there trying to catch terrorists. i think the whole thing, we need to do it, but don't need to do
11:52 pm
it the way we do it now. it is much too much. >> kg? >> i think the part about 20 of the world top terrorist leaders on a conference call is ludicrous. if you get on any kind of phone for communication in yemen, in the next 20 seconds, about to get a predator drone strike. ted koppel, you know, what can i say. he is getting older. >> i flew last week, going through, taking out my bag, my laptop, got my shoes off, my liquids in the thing, don't know whether lip gloss is or is not a liquid, so confusing. in some ways, talking about that type of overreaction. there are some things we do that are very smart and efficient and effective, and then we had the last three months talking about overreaction, the nsa program. >> well, i guess we will have to take a break here. we are running out of time. i was going to make a point. one more thing, it is up next. ♪
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time for one more thing. >> last night, lea michelle, boyfriend of cory monteith. >> girlfriend. >> dedicated her award to cory
11:57 pm
monteith. >> i wanted to dedicate this award to cory. he was very special to me and also to the world, and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talents, his handsome smile, and his beautiful, beautiful heart. so whether you knew him personally or just as fin hudson, cory reached out and became part of all our reports. that's why he will stay forever. thank you guys so much. thank you. >> that was very moving. let me just say, a lot of these people die because they're pushed out to continue to do their roles on television or in the movies. if people who are around them who knew full well they had a problem could get them off that and into rehabilitation, they would be a lot better off. so my sympathy with her, but her lack of understanding of it does not impress me. >> kg. went a little long. >> and whitey bulger, 83 years old, facing life without parole
11:58 pm
behind bars. had a jury of eight men, four women found him guilty on 31 of 32 counts, 11 involving homicide. this was a guy on the lam for 16 years. justice delayed, not justice denied. >> very good. dana? >> there's a lot of things i would do for the dog. one thing i won't do, teach jasper how to use an ipad. on the front page of "the wall street journal," he got a dot matrix, i have been dying to get that, they talk about a young woman, her job is to train dogs. she trains them to use an ipad so they can play while they aren't home. i think it has gotten a little overboard. >> you are accusing a woman of going overboard on her dog? >> i am. and you and i will have a chance to talk about it later on red eye. >> turned it into a plug, shut me out. >> you're up. >> you know what we have on?
11:59 pm
clint black on red eye. >> hey! what about my picture! >> floating above me like a country music cloud. >> are you on there again tonight? oh, that's a surprise. surprised you don't bring the dog on there. >> what surprises you more, being on red eye or talking to a dog. >> neither of us are on the lam. >> that's disgusting. nobody here is on the lam. >> can i roll video of weiner gone wild yesterday. just watch. i don't even have to narrate this. >> he is feeling himself, huh? you know what i mean, he seemed excited to be there. >> bob, made it the whole show. >> not get into details.
12:00 am
>> poor bob. >> we have to go. that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. willie roberts tomorrow from willie roberts tomorrow from welcome to "red eye." it is like wheel of fortune, if by fortune you mean toes i removed from various drifters. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show. >> thanks, greg. coming up, attorney general eric holder announces a new policy that will do away with mandatory minimum sentences for some drug offenders. some say the changes are overdue, but some say it will result in the streets being over run with crack fiends and smack heads. just the way obama wanted it. and did they commandeer an osprey and force them to take them to martha's vineyard? that's ahead. and talking about owner of a


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